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Tricia & Armando dancing the Argentine Tango for the first dance!

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A Tango Wedding Dance

So you're thinking about an Argentine Tango Wedding Dance for your first dance? It can be a lot of fun and a very romantic dance if you're willing to take the time to learn some moves and a totally different style of dancing. Yes, it will take more than one or two lessons - but is it worth it!

I think my couples come away after learning the tango with a new sense of each other and what it means to lead and follow and create something beautiful together. The music is stirring and the moves are fun! The "embrace" is pretty and the style can range from coquettish to sultry.

I like to come up with a little beginning, perhaps even mirroring how the couple first met or fell in love or how he proposed. Then we do some walking, the mainstay of Argentine Tango, and then it's on to the steps!

Often we have props, his hat and jacket, a newspaper, a chair or she has a shawl, a fan or a rose in her lips. It's fun to let your imagination go and create a mini scene with the dancing.

I create a "flight plan" for the gentlemen so they know what steps they have and if we're choreographing to specific music points then they know what goes where. Some have preferred to improvise in the classic Argentine Tango way and that has worked well too. It's up to the couple.

The steps I teach are the DVIDA sanctioned Argentine Tango syllabus (beginning - advanced) with some ballroom tango thrown in for good measure. The hold is close and relaxed and the heads are inclined in the same direction for pretty pictures. I also include some of the fantasia moves as well for "wow" appeal. Some of my couples have gotten pretty complicated looking at YouTubes and emailing me specific parts that they'd like to copy. But most of my couples just want to dance around the floor, being close and romantic. Again, it's up to you.

Sample beginning steps:

  • The Embrace
  • El Basico - Basic
  • Cadencia - Rock Step
  • Ochos Para Adelante y Atros - Forward and Backward Ochos
  • Fans
  • Cortes - Lunges for Lady
  • Dips

More complicated steps:

  • Sandwiches or Traps
  • Leg Wraps
  • Boleos
  • Molinetes
  • Ganchos
  • Sentadas - Little Sit

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