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"Desde el Alma" from Color Tango used with special permission from Senor Roberto Alvarez.

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Imagine yourself gliding across the floor in your new husband's arms to romantic and fiery tango music

He dips you, looking deep into your eyes, you throw your head back with abandon

You're up again, close to him in the Argentine Tango hold, the smell of him so near

He leads you through an El Basico, Ochos, he hesitates for just a moment

You "Garnish" him with a Leg Crawl, flirt with a few Flicks, maybe a Boleo

Around the dance floor you dance... the music rising and falling in passionate crescendos and romantic nuances

All at once he dances you through a Trap, a Leg Wrap, and a Sentada or "Little Sit" and it is over too fast!

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