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We don't have any dance experience, is it even possible to do the Argentine Tango for our wedding dance?

Sure, I have taught students with absolutely "0" dance experience how to Argentine Tango, in fact they don't have any "muscle memory habits" so they're a clean slate when it comes to learning!

How long will this take?

An Argentine Tango Wedding Dance takes at least four lessons depending on what you already know, how much you're willing to practice and how complicated a dance you'd like to have. (Most of my tango wedding dance couples have taken more than four lessons.)

We have no idea what song would be good to dance to, do you have any suggestions? Also, we kind of like this song but don't know if we could "tango" to it.

Yes, I have some great song suggestions from Scent of a Woman (contemporary) to Roxanne (tango version from the movie) to traditional Argentine Tango music that you'd hear in Buenos Aires... Absolutely email the song you're thinking of and I can give you some feedback about its "tangoability".

My dress is definitely not a tango dress but I love the tango. Is there something I can wear that will work? Or should I just give up on doing an Argentine Tango Wedding Dance because I love this big dress for my wedding?

Oh, don't give up! I would suggest you just change clothes for your dance. There are some adorable tango-type outfits or gowns that you can get. Then put the gorgeous wedding dress back on right afterwards or change to a third "reception" dress. Why not? It's your day!

I can't wear high heels. First, I'm 5' 9" and my fiance is just around 5' 10" and second I have a bad ankle. What about the shoes?

The shoes can be high, at least the Argentine Tango traditional shoes. But you can get some very cute stylish Latin ballroom shoes that are 1" high and I'll show you have to angle your body and rise up a tiny bit on the balls of your feet to accomplish the right frame and position. Then you don't have to wear the super high heels but you'll dance wonderful, be comfortable, the right height and supported. Please see my Music & Shoes page and click on Apple or Champion or Strictly Ballroom links.

Our families are concerned the Argentine Tango is too risque for our guests but we love it! Any ideas on how we can convince them our dance will not be x-rated?

Well, the Argentine Tango exhibition dances we all see on TV can get pretty steamy, but we're talking a wedding dance here and we're talking a bride and groom with a hundred things on their to-do list so your choreography will not be that "advanced". Let them know you'll be learning what they call in ice skating circles "school figures" and some flash and dash but we'll keep it PG-13 and just wow them with your excitement over being husband and wife!

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