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"Desde el Alma" from Color Tango used with special permission from Senor Roberto Alvarez.

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Music & Shoes

(Please remember links are provided to aid you in your research only.)


Music listed in the links below is actual tango music but remember it's your wedding and your song is a special reflection of your love for each other. Contemporary music can work well too or choose an old world classical piece. One of my couples used Alicia Keys' "No One" for their Argentine Tango. Email me your song ideas and I can offer feedback on how well they'll work with the Argentine Tango steps and styling.


Ok, shoes are "it" for the lady tango dancer but that being said I must say the gentlemen are going for some very hip looking styles too! The heels are verrry high in lots of cases but never fear ladies if you need to wear lower heels or flats you can always do the dance in shoes of your comfort level as long as you maintain your body alignment and are willing to do a little rise in the ball of the foot action. But by and large you'll see that shoes tend to be high heels and they tend to be real attention grabbers since their job is to direct the lookers gaze to the fancy Argentine Tango footwork!


Ladies, get creative and check out vintage clothing shops for an Argentine Tango wedding dress. Look into Pinterest for tango wedding dresses. Also, you'd be surprised at how many regular wedding gown salons will offer some sort of tango-like wedding dresses. So shop around, ask over the phone and surf the internet.

See the picture of Tricia and Armando in my A Tango Wedding section. She bought her dress at David's Bridal by South Coast Plaza. Remember that the foot and leg work look best when your calves and feet show so don't expect a Scarlet O'Hara wedding dress complete with hoop to really showcase your Argentine Tango dance number! In fact, a lot of my brides have had two dresses; one for the ceremony and one for the reception or first dance. Gentlemen, you're in luck as always... you'll look fantastic in just about anything!

  • Discount Dance Supply (My number: TP00254 if you buy something :-)) They have retail stores in Tustin and Mission Viejo. Practice Clothes mainly - but that is essential to feel the steps and movement during learning and rehearsal.
  • Tango Fashion by Tangoleva Some wedding attire; make sure you plan enough time in advance for ordering or alterations. I've had one of my brides work with them and she was mostly satisfied.
  • The White Dress Corona del Mar area, Marlis is the owner and she and her husband were former students!
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