Dare to Have a Wedding Dance!

I'm here to help you make your first dance a "dance to remember" and maybe even one that you'll want to dance all or part of on your honeymoon or anniversaries to feel those "special day" feelings for each other all over again.

Bring me your song and tell me a little bit about yourselves - how you met, what you like to do as a couple, how your proposal happened and together we will start brainstorming about your first dance and what would make it perfect for you both.

Got a fun idea that incorporates a little acting and scene work? Great! I'm a theater director too and love to utilize chairs, fans, roses and fun prop pieces that make your dance just that much more exciting to do and watch.

During the lessons, I use your phone to video the important steps and techniques for you so you can have it to practice with at home between lessons and freshen up with right before THE big day. I always make sure you have the steps and technique down from the previous lesson before we go on to something new at the next one.

Dress is business casual and you'll want to wear leather soled flats on the wooden floating dance floor and if you think you need to practice with your hair or clothes in a certain way, by all means, bring on the accessories!

I recommend two to four hours of instruction for the leader's comfort leading and the follower's comfort following on the dance floor. My couples usually start their instruction the month or two before their big day so the steps, sequence and choreography get into their muscle memory. Often, they'll save one lesson for right up close to the actual date to review, review, review.

Of course, if you're reading this right now and saying to yourself, "My wedding is a week away - how can I do dance lessons!" -- don't hesitate to text me at 619.871.0241 or email me and we can work out a crash course in basics to get you ready to do something other than "clutch and sway" on your big day.


Tango: Argentine or American - flair for the dramatic. Try some snappy head moves and cuddle up together with a rose in your lips available for kissing away!

Swing: East or West Coast - energetic and happy. Who doesn't love to turn and rock to a frisky East coast swing tune or bluesy West coast ballad.

Country Western: 2 Step, 10Step, Country Cha Cha, Country Waltz and more. Sometimes you're in the mood to just get out the boots and hats and kick up your heels.

Rumba: for Latin lovers - slow and sexy. Easy going and easy to dance to, the Rumba brings out the sultry in all of us. Try some cool shadow moves and romantic leans and dips.

Hustle: Disco madness - nostalgic and great tunes! What better way to celebrate you both than to make your first dance today to the romantic music of yesterday. You could even throw in a little hip hop or some side by side dance moves to spice it up.

Foxtrot: tried and true. The foxtrot has so many wonderful steps and I've been told by hundreds of my couples it is one of the easiest dances to learn for the leader. What could be better than using a favorite Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble song to dance to and learning to lead with Fred Astaire aplum and follow gliding along like Ginger Rogers herself?

Movie Dance: super exciting and brings out the director in me big time. The dances from famous movies or TV shows can be really fun to use as a springboard to channel the inner movie star in both partners! I've had lots of requests like this over the years and it always turns out to be so much fun for dancers and audience alike.


Practice does make perfect, so if you can spare five minutes a day on your days between lessons you'll learn about ten times faster.

Make sure not to practice any longer than that at first.

I tell my couples with regards to practice, "Think frequency not duration".