"A Night to Remember"


Thanks again for all your help in making our wedding a night to remember.

We thorougly enjoyed all of our lessons with you and will definitely think of you again when we want to learn more.

Here are some pictures, as promised. Our video of the dance did not turn out as good as yours (the quality of the video) but everyone loved it!

Sincerely, Emily & Amanda

Lovey Kiss!

Romance at the end of the dance!


Emily and Amanda's rehearsal toward the end of their sessions of their amazing hustle dance to "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer. They worked so hard practicing outside of class! We had such a great time working on this dance and I'm sure they use the steps when they go out dancing!! Watch toward the end when Amanda leads some advanced hustle moves and Emily follows with flair and confidence!


Choose a song that makes you want to get up and dance!

That way if the butterflies set in on the big day you can relax into your favorite groove with your favorite person in the whole world and just dance!

I tell my students to keep a "golden thread" going to and from their own and their partner's eyes.

That way you get lots of connection and can dance your way through your first dance with good focus and plenty of smiles.