"A Huge Success"


Thank you so much for teaching us our 1st wedding dance! It was a huge success! Thank you also for the honeypot! How cute! We've told several people about your studio and you - so you might have some new clients! Thanks again!

Love - Joe & Sunny

Happy Wedding Day!

Joe and Sunny sport smiles and matching jackets on August 30th 2013.


Joe & Sunny wanted to make their dance meaningful to them and also a real crowd pleaser! They started off with the romantic slow song "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele and then threw their beautiful matching jackets to their adoring crowd and really ramped up the fun by doing some swing, disco and retro moves to Gossip's "Men In Love". Above you can watch the YouTube of their first dance on their wedding day at SmogShoppe in Culver City. What a "wow event" to remember!

And for all you incurable romanitics out there above is Joe and Sunny's Super 8 Wedding Movie - I watched it with tears of happiness for my wonderful students and all around great couple!


Choose a song that makes you want to get up and dance!

That way if the butterflies set in on the big day you can relax into your favorite groove with your favorite person in the whole world and just dance!

I tell my students to keep a "golden thread" going to and from their own and their partner's eyes.

That way you get lots of connection and can dance your way through your first dance with good focus and plenty of smiles.