What is more romantic than a vision of a beautiful bride in a full hoop skirt and her dashing gentleman groom in either a period uniform or formal attire complete with hat and gloves? In addition to having "Gone With The Wind" written all over it, this picture harkens back to days gone by when Civil War Wedding Dance men greeted ladies with a tip of their hat and a howdy ma'am as proper protocol and every young girl dreamed of a dashing gentlemen that would sweep her off her feet into romantic bliss!

I've heard a lot of questions since I began teaching period Victorian dancing years ago and here is a whimsical look at just a few of them...

Q: My hoop is e-normous and I'm afraid I can't dance partner-like with my husband close and romantic.

A: I will teach you both how to work with your hoop so that it does not take on a life of its own and you can enjoy your dancing and not be afraid of any mishaps!

Q: My period shoes make me feel like I've got two left feet and I'm afraid I'll step on her dainty shoes and toes and be in the dog house for days.

A: If you dance the steps as I will show them we can make sure that you have plenty of room to dance and she gets out of your way and no one but the dog is in the dog house!

Step back in time... to an age of manners, polite conversation, white gloves & shined boots. I teach steps and dances appropriate for an outdoor romp in the grass under tall trees and hanging lanterns to a gracious in-door social soiree with sweeping staircases and glittering chandeliers.

Learn to waltz, schottische or polka with impunity. Additionally, I can teach your wedding party the Virginia Reel, Texas Star, and other classic period group dances.

Here are some fun resources to help you research and costume your Victorian Wedding: Abraham's Lady, American Civil War Society, Blockade Runner, C&D Jarnagen, Civil War Wedding Dress Images, Civil War Music Store, Clearwater Hats, Custom Wigs, Fallcreek Sutlery Books, Gentlemen's Emporium, & This Week in the Civil War.

(Right: Jillian & Torin at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town, San Diego)

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