Father daughter dance couples usually take my two lesson package and learn lead and follow, pretty twirls, movement around the floor and a fun beginning and ending.

Sometimes the daughter is out of town so dad will come in and bring his wife or significant other and take his lesson with them so he has someone to help him learn the steps and practice with at home.

Father Daughter Dance LessonsFather Daughter Dance

Rick and Annelise on April 24th 2015 dancing to "All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles. Photography by: Sarah Layne Photography

The dance moves for the father daughter dance are different from the ones the bride and groom will be doing for their first dance since bride and groom dances incorporate romantic bits.

I recommend that the father daughter dance song reflect your feelings about each other and your relationship as it has grown throughout the time you've known each other.

The father daughter dance songs I have worked with over the years have ranged from serious and sentimental to fun and funny. One dad was even "allowed" to do his famous chicken dance half way through and another dad finished the piece with his John Travolta "exits and mouse holes" disco dad move!

Anything goes as long as it works for you both. After all, this is your first time dancing together as a married daughter with the first man in your life - your Dad and it's great to make it special!



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Julia and DadJulia and Dad Dance Father Daughter Dance

Julia's Testimonial: Jillian gave me and my dad dance lessons for my wedding, as well as me and my husband. She was friendly, confident, and a great teacher. She made two dances for my wedding, both unique from each other but equally special.  We had a great experience with Jillian, it was fun and we felt very confident on our wedding day.  People were very surprised and impressed with our dances. We loved the experience, thank you Jillian!!!!! (Julia and her Dad above. Click here for Julia & Greg too!)

Cindy's Testimonial: Just wanted to let you know that Adam and my dance was a great success! Everyone was impressed with it. They didn't know Adam could move like that. My dad and I also impressed the crowd as well. Our wedding was beautiful and I can't wait to watch our video to see the dance. Thanks again for all your hard work in teaching us! - Cindy, Adam & my dad, Pete

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Wedding Dance and Father Daughter Dance TeacherWedding Dance and Father Daughter Dance TeacherWedding Dance and Father Daughter Dance Teacher

Don't forget Mother Son Dances are really fun too!