Speaking from experience, I would rather order gifts on-line than brave a crowded mall!  Parking is crazy, the merchandise is picked over and everything seems just beyond budget.

When I find something different and easy to give as a special gift I jump at the opportunity - like the idea of a gift certificate for dance instruction and choreography for the bride and groom, mom and dad or anyone in your life who just likes to dance.

Only an email away, this gift is one that does keep on giving and isn’t your average fashion item that someone may wear once or, heaven forbid, return for what we all know was less than original purchase price!

So how do you go about gifting a gift certificate?

You can fill in my on-line form or email me at or text me at 619.871.0241 with your information about who gets the certificate, who it is from and what amount you’d like it for and I will make one for you.

I can either invoice you through PayPal (you can pay with your own credit card through PayPal) or you can mail me a check for the amount.

Gift certificate lessons are available on Sunday afternoons all year long and the certificate can be redeemed for a full year after issue, longer if you let me know. 

One busy groom called me Christmas Eve and I raced home, made his gift certificate and emailed it to him in time to be in his bride's stocking by Christmas morning!

Contact me soon - I’d love to help you check off a few special someone's on your gift list this year!

Holiday Hugs, Jillian


* Please note gift certificates are not refundable but I will be happy to honor them for a longer period of time if you email me.

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