Love!Thank you so much Jill, you are awesome.

We had a great time and learned so much. The hours just flew by.

The time we spent with you was one of our most fun and happy memories.

We looked forward to every lesson, and we learned so much so fast.

Your teaching method is so organized I think a stone could learn to move on the dance floor.

We love u!


(Their Fantastic Love Story: Gina & Chuck knew each other in high school and actually went to the high school prom together! After high school they went their separate ways and had their lives and families. Years later after life had delt them some serious cards, a mutual friend "re-introduced" them to each other via letters. They met back up and within months knew that they were soul mates!


They took 6 lessons and they even acted out many of the lines of their very personal and perfect first dance song - for one Chuck got down on one knee, just like he did when he proposed, back at their mutual high school... sooooo romantic!)


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Song: "Then" by Brad Paisley

Reception Location: Fallbrook

Wedding: May 25th 2013

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