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Given my husband and my experience with the skillfully elegant Jillian, I would give this studio ten stars if I could. Seriously. Jillian's like the dance whisperer.

I'll give you a little background here. I am coordination challenged. Not a little bit, but a lot. Not only do I lack coordination, I am also introverted, anxious, and I had a terrible dance experience at community center dance classes with my husband where I was chronically yelled at to "LET HIM LEAD! LET HIM LEAD!" which, of course, didn't help at all and only fueled my hatred of dance.

To paint an accurate picture of how much I disliked choreographed dancing, I would say that if I had to choose between that or scrub a toilet I would rather have scrubbed a toilet. Yes, you read right....UNTIL my husband and I met Jillian of Our Wedding Dance.

When my husband and I became engaged he wanted our first dance to be special and "better" than what he had seen at other weddings. I love my husband so I said yes to dance classes with Jillian at the Our Wedding Dance studio.

Boy, working with Jillian was quite a contrast (for the better) than what I had experienced before!

Thank GOD my husband chose dance classes with Our Wedding Dance. Jillian was an absolute angel. She gave me a valuable tip to help me understand where he intended to lead me while we danced. She urged me to push into my husband through my hands as we danced so he could then push me back, which then helped my body understand where he was leading me and what to do. GENIUS. She would tell him to turn on his "turn signal," which was not only adorable, but also helped him understand how to lead me as well.

Not only was she incredibly kind and patient, but she also videotaped us as we practiced so that we were able to watch the video at home and practice from there!

Jillian and her husband are also darling people who really care about their clients and Jillian truly loves what she does. She and her husband even gave my husband and I an adorable little honey pot and card to congratulate us on our special day!

In the end, even my Monsignor uncle who married my husband and I (and who is not one to give out compliments very often) commented on how great we looked on the dance floor and how much the dance lessons paid off.

I highly recommend Jillian! You will NOT be disappointed, especially if you're naturally dance challenged like I am!

Jenny and Adrian Dancing

Wedding: June 21st 2014

Location: Vintage Steak House at the San Juan Capistrano Depot

First Dance Song: "Time After Time" (vintage, late 40s rendition)

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