Hi Jillian, I just wanted to thank you so much for teaching us how to dance with such style and grace.

The thought of stepping out on the dance floor for our first dance as man and wife was originally quite nerve racking.

However, after your gentle instruction, David and I were soon gliding across the dance floor with confidence and style.  

All our guests were duly impressed and many of them came up to us after our first dance commenting on how great we looked out on the dance floor.

We couldn’t have been this successful without you and we are so grateful for all your help!

Thank you! Regards, Linda & David

Linda and David

P.S.  As promised, here are a few photos of us during our first dance.

By the way, I’m glad we had a few minutes to take a few test twirls before hitting the dance floor in front of our guests.

I discovered I couldn’t walk backwards in my dress without stepping on it… go figure!

Anyway, we did look good doing the "promenade" … there’s proof in one of these photos!

Thanks again!

Linda and David

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