We had a blast working (learning) with Jillian! 

We learned the Foxtrot and we danced to Michael Buble's "Everything". 

We had a total of five lessons with Jillian and felt very comfortable dancing on our special day. 

She teaches you how to dance, not just the choreographed "first dance".

PS:  If I have any advice at all... practice, practice, practice!! :)  Soo much easier said than done, but if you have time or find the time to do so, it improves the look and feel of the dance, rather than looking 'choppy', trying to remember what step is next, etc...

Meghan & Jim

Meghan and Jim

And from Meghan's Mom, who are also took dance lessons...

Everything was near perfect... I wouldn't even bother considering anyone else.

Jillian teaches to your personal ability, she is gracious, kind, always on time, affordable, and a mere joy to work with... Sheila

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