What a great idea to have a mother son dance at your wedding! After all who says that brides and their dads should get all the dancing fun? I have taught moms and sons beautiful waltzes, frolicsome foxtrots or a sassy swing to really get them out there celebrating this special time in their lives.

One mom and son, pictured right, learned a five song medley of popular and oldies but goodies song Mother Son Dancesnippets to really kick up the volume at her wedding reception in Italy! What a wonderful commitment to each other, and to her new life, their dancing must have been to their excited wedding guests.

Another mom son dance combo used the song "Loves Me Like A Rock" for their special dance and did a bouncy and fun swing to it with the son leading his mom in skirt twirling turns, changing places and walking steps with kicks.

If you have a humorous relationship you can even throw in some fun hip hop moves like shopping cart and churning butter. If you want a serious start but a wild ending use two songs and splice them together.

Whatever song or songs say "you two", I can make a dance routine you can do as a couple or side by side or both so you can let your personalities come through your dance together.

Most of my mother son dance couples using one song take my two lesson package and learn lead and follow, some twirls, movement around the floor and a fun beginning and ending. Their songs range from 2-3 minutes.

If my mother song dance couples are doing a song snippet medley they will usually take four lessons so they can learn all the techniques above plus the little dance pieces, work with any props and seam the dance snippets together in one big dance. Usually these dances are about 4-5 minutes long.

One more thought... don't forget this combination: I had a mom and daughter decide to do a MOB and bride daughter dance. Mom led a fun foxtrot with her beautiful "now all grown up little girl" laughing and twirling each other around the dance floor.

As an added bonus, the skills you learn leading, or following, will stand you in good stead when you get out to dance on the dance floor with the other special people in your life!


Testimonial: Everything was near perfect... I wouldn't even bother considering anyone else. Jillian teaches to your personal ability, she is gracious, kind, always on time, affordable, and a mere joy to work with... Sheila (Mom)

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