Quincearera Group Dance Instruction

Dances for the Quinceanera show up in venues as varied as intimate private residences, family estates, country clubs, church halls, hotels and restaurants. Above: Alex and her court show off their "Phantom of the Opera" theme with a masked ending in her beautiful backyard.

Usually three dances are needed for the Quinceanera celebration: the Group Waltz, the Father Daughter Dance and the Group “Fun” Dance. Start the dance instruction early -- six months to a year in advance is a good rule of thumb.

Quinceanera Dancing with the Quince and Her Court

This is the dance that most young ladies having a Quinceanera are the most concerned about performing well. Choosing a song can be fun since you’ll want to keep in mind the theme of your Quinceanera and also the number of dancers in the group and their ability to attend rehearsals.
Adorable Quince Alex

Group Waltzes usually have between eight and twenty dancers although the most common number is twenty dancers; ten gentlemen and ten ladies. This dance presents best if all the dancers involved attend at least 2-4 hours of instruction in an appropriate dance studio location with proper sound capabilities and flooring.

Since this is really the big showcase dance, most of the time and effort of the dancers is put into this dance. Costumes should allow for movement both forward and back and arms should be able to be lifted above the head. Headpieces should be secured firmly and ladies shoe heels should be low enough to accommodate the speed of the waltz being used.

A combination of ballroom dancing waltz and foxtrot moves and Victorian and Renaissance dancing figures showcase the dancers effectively in formations and elegant couples’ displays. Usually this dance is between 4-5 minutes and incorporates a feeling of being showcased for the young lady celebrating her Quinceanera at center stage.

Sample Songs:

Quinceanera Dancing Lessons in Orange County

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In this dance the young lady and her father dance a waltz choreographed to their special song. Songs such as the ones listed below are beautiful:

Most Father Daughter dances take approximately 2 hours of rehearsal, depending on the complexity of the dance and song and the ability of the dancers. They can incorporate sweet entrances with cuddles, twirls and send-outs, 3-5 dance steps; both stationary and traveling on the floor, and a dip or twirl to lean with bow and curtsey for the end.

This dance can be a sassy salsa or combination of Latin dances like merengue, rumba, and cha cha, or an up-beat swing or even a group tango in historical costuming with props. Many young ladies choose to have this dance highly choreographed while others want the dance to feel improvised and want to just “learn the moves” so they can get out and dance! Again, the music will dictate the type of dancing and don’t forget the more rehearsal, the better the performance!

Whatever your Quinceanera celebration dancing needs, make it a fun and exciting experience for all involved both on and off the dance floor. Good song choices, enough rehearsal, practical choice of costumes and props and a doable time frame will help make your dancing dreams come true with beauty, elegance and excitement.

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