Are you a Shakespeare In Love fan or Ever After aficionado? I sure am and I love to teach both court Renaissance dancing for couples (my years of ballet training come in handy here) and country Renaissance dancing for wedding parties and small groups. It's really exciting to present a dance to your wedding revelers that is a little different or shows off a shared hobby!

Renaissance dancing for your first dance can be a beautiful and elegant presentation that either dovetails nicely with a Renaissance or Medieval theme wedding or simply presents an unusual first dance for the couple that is always doing something fantastic and fun.Renaissance Wedding Dance

One of my Renaissance Wedding Dance couples, Jessica and Eugene, enjoyed their first dance so much they decided to not only do it in Southern California but also the very next year in Australia when the bride returned "home" to celebrate with her family Down Under.

They learned a gorgeous court dance that told the story of their love affair to a piece of music from Shakespeare In Love, The De Lesseps' Dance. He wore tall lace-up boots and they had their crowns imported from France!

Another one of my couples decided that their whole wedding party should learn a spirited country Renaissance dance that had them circling, lining up in columns and then parading around in twos to show off their beautiful costumes and flowered headpieces. We used a piece of historic Renaissance country dance music and looped it a couple of times to show off their figures and fun!

Whatever you fancy can be yours... My Lord and My Lady.

I can teach you a period-correct dance utilizing the jumps and ballet-like foot work characterized in the "court" dancing that was heavily practiced and tutored for the purpose of showing off and gaining admirers. Or I can put together something that looks like the real thing but is a bit easier for the busy wedding couple who may be dance novices! Courtly and country behavior and etiquette can be covered as well.

Here are some fun internet resources to help you plan the Renaissance or Medieval Wedding of your dreams:The Renaissance Store, How to dress for a Renaissance Faire, Renaissance Wedding Ring Sets, and Pendragon Costumes, Putting on an Elizabethan Outfit, Recreating the 16th and 17th Century and Romantic Period Jewelry, Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Tall Toads Hats & Headwear, and a great book: "Medieval Celebrations".

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