We had to get back to you to tell you how our dances went on Saturday!

WE NAILED IT! We did not mess up at all! 

They were beautiful! 

What a surprise the second dance was to our guests!  They were in awe! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It was all because of you we did so well to entertain our guests.  I wish you could have been there! 

Rose was great getting that chair on the dance floor for Mike and then removing it.

People were in shock that the CD was us singing! The nun surprise was fantastic!

It was the perfect wedding! It was a dream wedding.

Thank you so very much!  Hope to see you soon!

Sandra and Mike

(Sandra & Mike singing and dancing for their wow of a first dance!)

Every now and then I get a couple who really wants to do something different! Sandra and Mike were just such a couple.

They loved the song You’re Timeless to Me from the musical Hairspray and decided to adapt the lyrics of it to their relationship, record themselves singing it and come to me to choreograph and block moves and dancing to this almost five minute song.

Click here to see this fabulously funny rendition of it on YouTube from the movie with Christopher Walken and John Travolta.

Well, needless to say, after about ten or so rehearsals and a heap of practicing they were absolutely show-stopping!

They mimed movement to the lyrics of their song and in the middle of it danced a full foxtrot, tango AND waltz with zesty abandon.

They said they nailed it and I believe it from all the fun and hard work we put into the practicing.

Below: Sandra & Mike on their happiest day ever.

Sandra and Mike

Wedding: May 8th 2010

Location: Brookside Equestrian Center

First Dance Songs: "You're Timeless to Me" and "At Last"

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