I can't wait to see the pictures from my couples, hear all about their wedding and especially the first dance! It is so much fun to get to know them during one of the happiest, if hectic, times in their lives. When we say goodbye I feel almost like a part of their amazing celebration so when the letters and emails come in I am sooo excited!

*** Birthday Dance - Connie's Testimonial! ***

Wedding Dance Instruction

The best is yet to come! Happy New Year!

Our first dance was wonderful!

Thank you! John & Karli

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small leaf button Thank you so much for coaching us through and preparing us for our 1st dance at our wedding. Our dance was absolutely beautiful! We couldn't have done it without you! Happy Holidays, Katherine and Adam

small leaf button ... our first dance was a waltz to Lifehouse's "You and Me" and we thank you for all your kind, patient and gentle teaching. It was a success! Allen & Lisa

small leaf button Thank you so much for your patience and expertise in teaching us... because of your lessons everyone was impressed. Elliot & Angeline

small leaf button You have so much patience! Brandon & Sonya

Dance Lessons for your wedding dance

"We were very nervous but the dance went off without a hitch!"

Lindsay & Tim dancing a romantic foxtrot.

They also learned swing, rumba and merengue to spice up the dancing at their reception!

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small leaf button Jillian is so wonderful to work with!!!  She listens to your ideas, is patient and professional.  Her choreography is a combination of our likes, ability and her expertise.  Her attention to detail is amazing from the style of the wedding dress/groom's attire to a step by step "flight plan" after each lesson.  We loved our experience and would absolutely recommend Jillian!!! Tracy R.

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small leaf button Hi Jillian, Yes, the entire dance was recorded.  We haven't seen it yet, but are anxious to see how it turned out.  We had to adjust a couple things because of the weight and length of my dress, but it turned out fantastic.  Everyone was jaw-dropping impressed and we got a standing ovation.  Thanks again for all your help in making our first dance so stunning and memorable. Dianne

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small leaf button I just wanted to thank you so much for teaching us our wedding dances. You have been the most encouraging and supportive and wonderful teacher! We are so excited to show off all that we have learned on our big day. We wouldn't have been able to do it without you! Thank you so very much! I'm excited to refer my engaged friends to you! Best, Teresa & John

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small leaf button When we speak of our wedding we often tell people that taking the dance lessons was one of the best things we did. Your suggested choreography for the intro played beautifully. Aaron & Andrea

small leaf button We had such a good time at our lessons and you were an amazing instructor. Our guests were quite impressed! Min & Steve

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My husband and I used Jill's services to learn how to dance for our first dance at our wedding reception.  Jill is an amazing instructor!  She was extremely flexible with my crazy work schedule.  

She is cheerful, upbeat, patient and articulate.  She's everything you would want in an instructor. I enjoyed every minute of our lesson.  Jill worked with my husband and me and worked with our limitations (mainly me - two left feet and completely tone deaf).  She put up with our bickering - and with a genuine smile, might I add.  

She choreographed a dance based on the moves we liked, based on what we thought we can/cannot do, etc.  Jill even took in consideration the fit of my wedding dress (and that does matter!), length of my train and height of my heels.  

She's very thorough.  At the end of each lesson, she wrote down each step so we can practice at home.  When we couldn't get certain moves down, she would jump in and show us individually so we can see and feel how the moves are supposed to be.  

I would definitely recommend Jill.  She's such a sweetheart and such a great dance instructor. You can't go wrong with her.  Thank you sooooo much Jill!  =) Mon I.

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Jillian was accommodating to our schedule, prompt, and efficient with the time she spent with us on our dance lessons. This is the second wedding where we used Jillian's services.

We are impressed with the personal and professional experience enabling anyone without any dance knowledge to make a unique impression and lasting & forever memory of a that special moment in a father/daughter or newlywed's lives.

Jillian created a unique dance choreographed with the music of our choosing. Jillian made it easy to learn, step by step and paid attention to subtle but important aspects for the audience and photographer. She is patient and makes learning fun. She is a remarkable teacher. @babushka

Song Ideas for your Wedding Dance

Lorna & Robin

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... A few months before my wedding, I decided that I didn't want my first dance with my wife to look like two 7th graders awkwardly swaying back and forth at the junior high dance.

It's not that I wanted to memorize a routine, I just wanted to learn a few steps that would give my guests the impression of being able to dance with a little class and charm.

So I checked out a bunch of OC dance websites and made some calls, and eventually talked to Jillian. Right away I liked her enthusiasm and flexibility. Unlike other dance centers, Jillian didn't try to sell me a block of private + group lessons that I didn't need.

When I explained that my wife and I had no ballroom experience and wanted to learn some steps for our song, Jillian said she had some ideas we could start with, and how far we go from there would be up to us, depending on how much we wanted to add and how much we could learn/practice before the wedding.

Jillian was very accommodating and we were able to schedule lessons around our work/wedding-planning calendars. We had a lot of fun -- even though she is advanced, Jillian is very good at slowing the pace, focusing on basics and giving easy-to-understand pointers to beginners like us (which is true skill).

In fact, I figured that as long as we're having fun, why not learn steps for the mother-son dance, to have a different look and feel from the first dance? So my parents joined us for a lesson and enjoyed it.

On the big day, both dances were big hits and our guests were impressed. At some point, when my wife and I can pick up dancing again, we definitely will re-connect with Jillian. @supermrs

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