Dear Jillian,

You did such a great job!

The wedding singer admitted to getting choked up during our dance, and he's seen plenty of weddings.

Our guests were completely captivated when we shared our first dance as husband and wife.

It felt like no one breathed until a few seconds after the dance ended. An uncle even commented that we MUST have had lessons for it to be that good.

Tonya and Bryan

To be honest, we were a little sad when the dance was over. Everything was so perfect.

Tonya and Bryan

I must comment on your successfulness as our dance instructor. Your patience was unbelievable, but more importantly, you were easy to understand and very clear with your direction. I can't believe we got everything down in as little as 6 or 7 lessons. I'd like to thank you one more time for being a part of our perfect day. You really helped make it our "Time In A Bottle." With Gratitude, Bryan and Tonya

Wedding: June 30, 2006

Song: "Time In A Bottle"

Tonya and Bryan

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