I've created many choreographed wedding party dances danced by the entire wedding party to really kick-off ”the reception and add that extra special personal touch to a day to remember. Most of time the bride and groom are in the wedding party dance highlighted as the focal point with all their attendants.

The wedding party dance can be performed to just one song or to a number of songs. I've worked with waltzes, popular tunes and oldie but goodies.

One wedding party wanted I'm Too Sexy ”which was very whimsical to choreograph to (we did a lot of fun blocking and miming of the words) and another really liked I Feel Good ”which had us into "retro-flower/power moves" that stirred up the crowd!

Wedding Party DanceRuth and Michael and their wonderful wedding party of eight (pictured right) did a very ambitious wedding party dance to “All The Right Move by OneRepublic. They decided that everyone would wear masks, as if at a masked ball, and perform a waltz type dance similar to the one done in the music video.

Everyone was coming in from all over so we didn't have a lot of rehearsal time, but we rehearsed for a few hours at the last minute and I videotaped it for them so they could practice again right before the wedding reception.

You can see our practice run through here with me calling out the moves to cheer the wedding party dancers! I was so excited at how well everyone did and the piece really showed off the bride and groom.

Another one of my couples decided to do a three song medley for their wedding party dance. They chose excerpts from Justin Timberlake's "My Love", Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and PSY's "Oppa Gangham Style". Such fun to get the excitement of the reception rolling in this way! Click here to see a rehearsal of their fantastic wedding party dance.

If you're thinking about a Wedding Party Dance consider:

1) Is everyone in your wedding party ok dancing as a group in front of people?

2) What song(s) do you like that you think will inspire them to really go crazy and be fun to watch?

3) Can everyone in your wedding party get together to rehearse at least one time for a couple of hours before the wedding?

4) Do you want to use any props or special effects?

5) When during your reception will you want to do the dance?

Let your imagination soar and consider the wedding party dance as yet another fun way to personalize your wedding reception.  Your guests will be talking about it for years to come and you can bet your wedding party won't forget the dance they did together either!

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