Surprise your friends and family! I will teach you the basic building blocks of dance including posture, poise, frame, head positioning,Scott and Kerene movement from foot to foot and lead and follow so that you and your partner can have fun dancing together.

Working with your music and its timing, I teach the leader how to lead the steps with purpose and the follower to follow the steps with confidence. We'll even work on floor craft to make sure you don't end up "dancing on a postage stamp" or off the floor entirely.

(Right: Kerene and Scott show a height difference need not hold you back from the dance of your dreams! Married August 13, 2005, they learned steps in ballroom and Latin dances so they could dance all the songs at their reception.)

Every wedding dance has a beautiful choreographed beginning with something romantic or fun to do and a dip at the end or even a jump or a theatrical pose if you're up for a Dancing With The Stars "Wow!" finale.

If you have the time, take a lesson or part of a lesson in some of the other dances that you know you'll be playing music of at your reception so you can really cut loose and show your guests how to party!

Popular steps for different types of wedding dances:

Waltz: ladies under arm turn, progressive across the floor, face to face and back to back, boxes in shadow, switching places;

Foxtrot: sways, twinkles, promenades with and without turn, zig-zags, hesitations, grapevine;

Rumba: walks, curls, shimmies, dips, cross over breaks, underarm turns, birdcage and merengue moves;

Night Club Two Step: balances, cross overs, turns, passes, cuddles, leans, dips;

Argentine Tango: el basico, ochos - forward and back, trap, a-line, leg wrap, walks to throw outs, garnishes, sentada;

Swing: outside/inside turns, switching places, cuddles, pretzels, kicks;

Chicago Steppin': basic 8 count step side to side, forward and back, circular, turns and cuddles, free style and fancy footwork.

Tango for your Wedding DanceFoxtrot for your Wedding DanceSteppin for your Wedding Dance

Left to right: Chanel & Niko (Tango), Christopher & Christina (Foxtrot) and Roni & Vince (Chicago Steppin')