Dancing in the Fall

September 21st, 2018 by admin

Is the weather getting cooler or am I just wishful thinking, haha?

If you’re thinking cooler weather and wedding coming up in the Fall, then it’s time to get those dance lessons on your busy to-do list for the final count down!

Whether you’re planning on a simple slow dance with some twirls or dips or you and your love really want to knock the socks off of your guests with a real “wow-weeee” – a few dance lessons can really help out.

I’ve had hundreds of couples come to me for just two lessons and learn lead and follow, twirl techniques, a “get across the floor step” and a dip for maximum return on The Big Day.

Let’s face it, you both will be out there all alone aaaaand who even does this type of dancing that much these days?

Ease your mind about the whole first dance thing and contact me right away.  My partner and I can teach you in the privacy of your own home or I also work out of a lovely ballroom off of El Cajon Blvd.

Either way it’s fun to learn a new skill together and dancing is one you can literally take anywhere you go.

Perhaps a romantic honeymoon dance by moonlight…

A  twirl or two at your best friend’s wedding…

Date night out to move to your fav band…

I can be reached at: 619.871.0241

Can’t wait to hear what song you’ve chosen and get started on the dance of your wedding day dreams :))

xxoo Jillian

Visit my Pricing Page for more information.

Let's Dance!

Let’s Dance!

Wedding Dance Lessons in North Park, South Park, Hillcrest and Mission Hills, San Diego!

July 27th, 2018 by admin


Moving is sooo much work!

Hundreds of boxes and a move of 80 miles and I can now say my businesses and I officially reside in North Park, San Diego!

Currently I am offering two choices for dance lessons!

Choice 1:

In Studio Private Lesson Special

1:30pm-7:30pm Monday – Saturday

Starlight Ballroom at 6506 El Cajon Blvd San Diego 92115

TWO 55 minute private lessons for $149/couple


Choice 2:

We Travel To You Special

Daily after 12Noon and before 8pm

Serving Mission Hills, Hillcrest, North Park and South Park, San Diego

TWO 55 minute private lessons for $169/couple


Please wear comfortable flats and have access to your song on your phone.

If we’re coming to you, please clear some space so we can have room to learn steps and technique.

My partner and I have decades of experience teaching and look forward to working with you and your love on your wedding dance for The Big Day.

Get those dance lessons on your busy calendar today by filling out my Wedding Dance Contact Form and pay for your lessons through PayPal.

Meanwhile, stay cool this Summer – it’s certainly a hot one!

Hugs all around, Jillian

Phone or Text me at : 619.871.0241

Please wrap this up for me!

It’s Official!!

May 10th, 2018 by admin

Our Wedding Dance is relocating to San Diego this Summer.

After decades of great dancing in Orange County, I’m moving to be closer to my daughter and the rest of my family.

So if you were thinking of taking a couple of dance lessons with me in Orange County before the end of the year…

go ahead and book my remaining few Sunday afternoon slots while I’m still close by!

Or you can always plan a fun day in the sun in San Diego and take a lesson with me down there.

I’ll be teaching group classes and private lessons and will post location updates here on my blog.

It’s been a great time in Orange County with all my wonderful dance students over the last 17 years.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “Hi Jillian!!  Remember us?” from my former and current students at a mall, restaurant, beach or even my church.

Just the other week a couple who took from me for mid life fun years ago were back to take lessons again for their daughter’s wedding.

She brought her groom and we’re busy learning a wedding dance, father daughter dance and mom and dad dance.

Good times!

Email me and let me know if you would like to get in on the last of my Orange County lessons.

Thank you, thank you for all the great memories and here’s to a whole bunch of new ones,

Hugs and Happy Weddings, Jillian :))

See You In San Diego!

See You In San Diego!

Dippity Dos

March 20th, 2018 by admin

Whoa!  Is March almost gone?  What happened?

Spring is basically here!

If your wedding is coming up in April, May or June, it’s a great idea to get in a couple of dance lessons for some lead and follow pointers, pretty twirls and yes…

some practice on that all important final move – THE DIP at the end of your wedding dance!

Some dip dos and dip don’ts:

* Do get some professional help with your dip! 

We all sort of know how to dip by osmosis.  After all who hasn’t dipped or been dipped in the heat of the moment during a fun song with a bunch of friends and shall we say, a few spirits.

It’s not a good idea to rely on your “instinctual dipping ability” when dipping your lovely bride in her gorgeous gown, with just the two of you on the dance floor, in front of loads of people on such an important day of days!

No one wants to create an Instagram or SnapChat sensation of sheer terror or possible peril of outfit or limb.

* Do let your dance teacher know if you have any physical or outfit limitations for dipping.

I always inquire of my “dippees” (is that even a word?) if it’s ok to dip them at the level that their dipper is dipping them at?!

Should we keep the dip modest due to a possible equipment failure?  Is the dippee worried about going “too low” and falling with her high heels on?

Also should we watch which side we do the dip on for the dipper due to an injury or left or right side strength preference?

Remember, your dance teacher doesn’t know about your outfit limitations or your recent bike mishap unless you share!


For dip and dance help, contact me through text at 619.871.0241 or email at Jillian@OurWeddingDance.com

Who knows, after some dipping pointers you might just feel empowered to practice dipping at your friend’s wedding coming up right before yours.

Happy Spring! Jillian

My Paddy's Day Piggies!

My Paddy’s Day Piggies!

One Is Better Than None!

February 12th, 2018 by admin

So many times I’ve heard, “OMG, Jillian, we totally forgot about the first dance!! We’re a bit dance challenged but can you squeeze us in for just one lesson???”

“Sure!”, I always respond because…

One is definitely better than none!

If you’re on the fence about coming in for just a single dance lesson for your big day, which may be just around the corner, don’t hesitate.

It’s so much fun to dance to your special song with your love in the final weeks before you say I Do.

Taking a little bit of “us” time when you may be up to your ears in last minute details can be a great time-out.

I can give you technique tips and tricks for lead and follow, turns, dips and movement across the floor to make that dance go much more smoothly.

Just the act of getting out there on a dance floor with each other beforehand is worth it to see how you work together.

Towards the end of the lesson, I videotape our final product on your phone for you to refer to during your practice and viola! you’ve got some helpful and fun dance ideas you didn’t have just an hour before!

Of course, if you do have a bit more time you can benefit from repetition and more explanation that multiple dance lessons offer.

But let’s face it, sometimes stuff just falls through the cracks.  So don’t worry, be happy and come dance with me!

I can be reached by email at Jillian@OurWeddingDance.com or by text at 619.871.0241

Happy Spring Wedding Planning!

xxoo Jillian

Dance with Jillian!

Dance with Jillian!

Starting The New Year Off Right

January 19th, 2018 by admin

Yay, yay, yay — I just got the most exciting news!  A testimonial arrived at the dance studio in a great big envelope addressed to me from one of my past couples!!

Along with this incredible note and their adorable composite Christmas card, they included a CD of their wedding dance in their amazing outfits.  Priscilla looked like a princess in her sparkly dress and Matt was the prince perfect in his dress whites <3 <3 <3

They didn’t miss a beat and their smiles during the whole dance made them look like they do this sort of thing everyday.  What a great surprise on a January Sunday!


Dear Jillian,

We cannot thank you enough for your help in getting Priscilla and I up to speed in dancing to “We Take The World”.

We had so much fun dancing with you in the studio and during our big day.  All the practice and your tips really made the difference.

Every time we hear the song it brings us right back to that great memory, and we still do our same dance every Saturday night!

We wanted you to be able to enjoy your final product so we sent you a copy of the video.

Thank you & God bless, Matt and Priscilla

PS: Please thank Torin as well as he was a huge help in the demonstrations!


Click here to go to my Pricing page… 2018 weddings are coming up fast!!



December Proposal?

December 18th, 2017 by admin

Is it really almost the end of 2017? I can’t believe it went by so fast!

Feels like just yesterday I was putting on my LBD and visiting my local watering hole for a little NYE cheer. Of course I had to do a fun rumba with my honey to bring the new year in just right!

If your honey just popped THE question this holiday season, don’t forget to book a few dance lessons for your big day.

I always mention two things to my couples when I meet them for the first time:

1) We don’t really couples dance “like this” anymore so it’s good to get some lead and follow pointers and

2) It’s not often that we find ourselves the only couple on the dance floor so a few lessons will really help with that “we’re all alone out here” feeling.

Unless you’re a super extrovert the wedding dance can feel a bit daunting just knowing that everyone you know and love is watching you two.

I’m excited to help you feel cozy and confident with each other on the dance floor to your special song.

Text me your song ideas and I can give you some info as to what type of dance and figures would be fun to do to it.

To reserve dates and times visit my Pricing page on my website.

Happy wedding planning and happy almost 2018!!!

Holiday hugs,


Text: 619.871.0241

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!


‘Tis The Season

November 30th, 2017 by admin

It’s time to get your jingle on!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and the turkey coma didn’t hit too hard.  I have to admit it, I wasn’t feeling the turkey thing so we had Cornish game hens. 😉

With the season upon us I’m sure a lot of couples are getting engaged and ramping up the planning for their 2018 weddings.

Don’t forget Gift Certificates make a great holiday gift for your friends and family members.

But if your wedding is right around the corner, say on New Year’s Eve!, you can always contact me by text to get in a dance lesson or two before the big day.

I love the holiday season and teaching during it makes everything just that much more special!


Just in… a fabulous testimonial from another one of my gorgeous brides and her dad.

Emily and her dad came in for some dance lessons to their song, “Somebody’s Baby” by Jackson Browne and had such a great time together.

I think every time I glanced over at them from the music they were laughing and smiling at each other.

Mom even came out for a bit at the end so dad could have a great practice partner when his daughter was out and about.

From the pictures, the wedding looked amazing!

Here’s Emily’s testimonial:

Hi Jill!

My dad and I came in last Spring to learn our Father Daughter Dance for my wedding.

We got our pictures back and I wanted to share some and tell you thank you so much for your time with us!

My dad and I had so much fun and it was such a special moment that I will remember forever!

The crowd loved the dance, and I will always cherish these memories with my dad.

I wanted to thank you for you big role in such a special part of our day!

Thank you again, and hope all is well, Emily & Dad, Don

Father Daughter Dance Fun!

Father Daughter Dance Fun!








Have a lovely holiday all,


Wedding Dance Basics

October 26th, 2017 by admin

Over the years and years I’ve taught wedding couples, I’ve been asked a lot about the basics of dancing together as a couple.

Sure, everyone wants to wow their guests with exciting picture moves, dips and maybe even some leans or lifts.

But how can a couple, who hasn’t danced together much like this, carry off those YouTube moments?

I believe it’s all about basics.

*** If the gentleman can learn how to lead and the lady how to follow – this is a game changer.

*** If the gentleman’s lead is clear and the lady understands his direction and weight choices – she’s more on board.

*** If the lady really takes the lead and goes willingly into the next step – he’s excited to dance.

Ultimately, the dancing couple needs to understand their transitions from move to move so they can work together to make their dance look effortless.

My couples tell me it’s all about having fun and feeling in the moment.  If the basics can help them do that then they give it two thumbs up!

Spend a couple of hours with me a month or so before your big day and you’ll notice the difference on your dance floor.

You can use what you learn later – dancing on your honeymoon or at that friend’s wedding coming up right after yours!

Happy almost Halloween, Jillian

Email: Jillian@OurWeddingDance.com

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!



Moms and Dads Dance Lessons

September 28th, 2017 by admin

Yes, it’s your wedding but what about your Moms and Dads?

Everyone knows about the Father Daughter dance and Mom Son dance but what about later on at the reception when Moms and Dads of the bride and groom will be dancing with their partners?

It makes sense and it’s just plain fun, too, to let them have a lesson right along with the traditional Father Daughter and Mom Son dance lessons so they can brush up on lead and follow, turns and movement around the floor.

Reception dancing is very different from the dancing that couples do all alone on the dance floor like Bride and Groom First Dance, Father Daughter Dance and Mom Son Dance.

When dancing during the reception, Moms and Dads need to take into account lots of different levels of dancers, floor size and number of couples, singles or even kids on the dance floor.

That promenade with spins that works great taking up half the dance floor during the Father Daughter dance might be difficult to do on a crowded dance floor.

Keeping steps small and watching out for your partner are just a few good tips to keep in mind making your way around a wedding reception dance floor.

Let your Mom and Dad come in for a lesson and have fun with each other to some of the songs you know you’ll be playing at your reception.

It’ll be fun to see them out there having a good time as you Get Your Party Going!

Happy Fall,


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