Stickshifts and Safety Belts

It’s just loads of fun to dance a swing as your first dance and this song by Cake is a fast and furious one, I’ll admit, but it just brings a smile to your face every time you hear it.  Here’s a live version of the song on YouTube below:

My couple using this song is “graduating” tonight and I really will be sorry to see them go.

They’ve learned some wonderful swing steps and have an adorable side by side pantomime of the groom “shifting” and the bride “safety belting in and wiggle-jumping close to him” that makes you want to clap and hollar.

They’ll be winging their way out of state for their wedding soon and have promised to practice their dance  once they get settled in.

I’m sure they will because every lesson they’ve showed up with their parts well rehearsed, ready for more.

With the “helicopter” and “sugar push” as some of their signature steps I’m confident that their guests will be wowed and they’ll have a great momento of their wedding dance.

Maybe they’ll let me take a video of their dance tonight and you can see for yourself!

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2 Responses to Stickshifts and Safety Belts

  1. admin says:

    Sure, I’ve had several couples use “Brown Eyed Girl” and they loved their Swing moves. Email me at and tell me more!

  2. Charlotte Wilkins says:

    We listened to this song and it is fun and fast. I think I like Brown Eyed Girl too. Can you do the same things to this song?

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