Twice the Songs for First Dance

I’ve had many couples choose two songs (or more!) for their first dance for the many years I’ve been teaching wedding couples.

In fact I’m not sure if you remember the crazy trend of inserting a wild piece of music in the middle of the soft wedding song with a “scratch of the record” sound but that was quite the rage.

We would start out with the traditional “clutch and sway” and then “scratch, scratch” and suddenly the bride and groom would be doing the robot, or reeling in one or the other like a giant fish, or catching up on some side by side hip hop moves.  Then in less than a minute it would be back to a traditional wedding waltz, foxtrot, rumba or slow dance to end the hilarious piece.

These days that’s not so popular anymore but having two songs seque-way one into the other is!

I’ve got a beautiful dewy-eyed bride and Jim Sturgess look-alike groom now using two songs by The Beatles – “Here, There and Everywhere” and “When I Saw Her Face”.

This is super fun to work with and my couple, who admit they loved the movie “Across the Universe”, are really doing up their first dance in their very own style with pizazz!

We’ve got some beautiful romantic moves for the first song where they use the melody to just float in each other’s arms and then they let loose for their swingin’ second song.  I’m sure this will have their guests clapping and cheering and talking about their first dance all night!

So if you’ve got two songs that you both really like don’t be afraid to use them both for your first dance.  As long as the total piece stays around three to four minutes you’re fine and the mixing up of tunes will keep your guests guessing about your beautiful and meaningful first dance.


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2 Responses to Twice the Songs for First Dance

  1. scpooley says:

    That sounds like a swell couple 😉 Good thing we have such a great instructor..we’re having so much fun.

    • admin says:

      Kudos to both of you for your great job with the Swing moves last night! You tackled that cuddle and hammerlock with good energy… maybe the helicopter next time!

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