Can’t Help Falling In Love

Happy Fall and happy almost Thanksgiving!

Well, it was a crazy Halloween weekend what with my wonderful students giving a fantastic tango complete with chair and rose and fedora at their Dia de los Muertos party on Saturday and 430 trick or treaters on Sunday night!

And earlier this month I received an adorable video from Aaron and Kate who got married on October 9th and looked so pretty dancing to Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love”.

They took their time with their lessons and spread them out over the months before their wedding.  And Aaron even learned a night club two step to do with his Mom.  Now that’s dedication to dancing!

He said he was nervous but I think he performed quite well under pressure and Kate looked dreamy in her gorgeous gown.  :-)

Here’s his testimonial…


If you’re interested, here’s a link to our video (our friend’s iPhone version) of our first dance.  Not the most technical, a couple of missteps on the gentleman’s part (due to nerves and excitement)  — but the most fun I’ve ever had dancing!

Thanks again!  If you would like Kate (the more eloquent one) to write any kind of testimonial please let us know and she will be happy to do it.



So grab your fiance and let’s get started on those early 2011 wedding dances!

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Jillian of Our Wedding Dance


Happy Thanksgiving!

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