2011 Is Here!

Wow, where did the holidays go?

It seems like it was just yesterday and I was thinking about presents and cookies and getting my December wedding couples happily on their way to wedded bliss and dreamy dances!

2011 is here!

The start of a new decade and we’re experiencing some cold, cold weather.

So, what better time then now to get that blood flowing and get out on the dance floor and do some dancing to get ready for your 2011 wedding.

I’ve got a couple right now getting married January 22nd and they’re well on their way to a fabulous wedding dance of rumba and tango complete with an awesome dress and long stemmed rose!

Another father/daughter dynamic duo just graduated with a beautiful waltz that will have all the ladies in their crowd reaching for their hankies and the gentlemen green with envy .

One of my December couples decided to even pantomime some of their awesome song with romantic gestures to each other as well as some hot swing and foxtrot moves.  (Their song was “Lucky” by Jason Mraz.)

Lots of brides… and grooms… are getting into the spirit and contacting me about their Spring and Summer weddings right now.

Don’t leave that first dance until the last minute.

Go ahead and take the plunge and email me at Jillian@OurWeddingDance.com and ask me about your song choice or choices and tell me a little bit about what you’re imagining for your beautiful first dance.

Time flies when you’re planning a wedding and before you know it the big day is just around the corner.

With over ten years of experience in the wedding dance choreography business and over, shall I admit to this??? :-), thirty years as a dancer – you can bet I’ve got a lot of ideas.

Happy Wedding Planning and can’t wait to email with you and start brainstorming about your first dance!






PS:  Ok, I can’t resist – here are some of the goodies I baked over the holiday!

Homemade Gingerbread Houses!

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