Are You A “Bridechilla”?

Ok, we’ve all heard about the dreaded bridezilla but have you heard about the wonderful bridechilla?

According to this is “a bride that remains, calm, cool and collected during her entire wedding experience”.

Wow, what a concept!

So how can a bride possibly hope to do this?

Well, a step in the right direction could be to take that first dance off your “stress list” and put it on your “chill list”!

If you can take a few lessons in first dance technique and figures you’re well on your way to feeling super chill during that could be stressful two and a half to three or so minutes of solo time on the dance floor.

A little planning beforehand and some practice with the love of your life could make the wedding dance one of your happiest moments remembered from your reception.

Just learning a few proper leading and following techniques could mean the difference between a bridechilla and well whatever… 😉

Even two or three steps nestled in both your heads can do a lot to eliminate that, “Wow, everyone’s watching and what are we doing here!” feeling that can creep into even the most romantic unpracticed first dances.

Call me today at 949.400.7347 or email me at to start moving toward a more relaxed and comfortable feeling on the dance floor.

As well as being a ballroom dance instructor and choreographer, I’ve taught acting and directed numerous plays and will make sure you have lots of fun with each other during your first dance no matter if your song is sentimental, romantic, flirty, sexy or just plain good times!




Be A "Bridechilla"!



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