By now we all know what “DWTS” means… and that is Dancing With The Stars!

And I can tell you, as a ballroom dance instructor, I’ve gotten my share of emails full of  DWTS YouTubes and their fantastic choreography and wow moves.

My couples have been wanting to dance like DWTS for years now and every time I listen to them and watch what they like, I “make it happen” for them in just the best and most doable way.

After all if it’s your wedding day you get exactly what you want, right?

However, nothing prepared me for how exciting it would be to see DWTS in person.

And, I had no idea I’d ever even see one…  Suffice it to say it took a pretty special occasion to get me there.

My mom turned 75 this year, and I don’t know about you – but I think that’s pretty darn special.

About four months before the big day my sis and I decided to put our heads together and come up with something fabulous to do to celebrate the big day.

Right away we both thought and said… Dancing With The Stars live taping!

My mom had watched every single episode of all 12 DWTS seasons with so much excitement and dedication we just knew that was the very thing she’d love to do on her 75th!

But… how to get her there (she’s still walking but with assistance) and most importantly how to get her in!

A wonderful dancer friend of mine, quite connected in Hollywood, came through with friends of friends that thought we might just have a chance to get my mom her dream of a lifetime.

I didn’t dare tell her until it was a “sure thing” but I was bursting at the seams to let her know about my big surprise!

And then two days before the May 9th Monday night taping, word came through.

“My mom was ‘In’ and we were going!!!”

I called her and told her, first saying, “Mom are you sitting down?”.

She couldn’t believe it and said immediately, “What am are going to wear?”

Ha, ha – some girly things never change, do they?

We jetted up there in my sis’s big, comfy truck and had lunch at Johnny Rockets right round the corner from the studios and then were able to park right in the studio lot (another wonderful help from my friend) and drop my mom off at the entrance for a minimum of walking time.

My mom quickly made friends with everyone waiting and regaled them all with her favorites and the dancers of her choice to win!

Then we escorted her carefully ahead of the big group for the floor seats and as we rounded the corner she saw a gold chair with a red cushion and a full-sized piece of white paper with her name neatly typed in large letters on it.

What a thrill!  I saw an even bigger smile spread across her face!

The rest is a whir of color, costumes, music, fantastic dancing, celebrities and judges but the whole evening will not be soon forgotten by any of us.

And best of all my mom said afterwards, holding her Dancing With The Stars mug close to her heart, that this was the best birthday gift ever!

Now that’s just perfect in my book.  :)


Now’s the time to make all your dancing dreams come true with first dance lessons for that big day coming up this Summer and Fall.

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Ok, I couldn’t resist – here I am in front of the studios in my 5″ platform shoes bought to sparkle at DWTS!


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