If The Wedding Shoe Fits… Should U Wear It?

Wedding Shoes!


Wedding Shoes

Whew, just the mere mention can send brides into a whirrr of activity stalking the perfect shoes on the web, in stores and through catalogs.

And I might add wedding shoes have been the source of more than a few interesting moments for the first dance!

What type of shoe is best for your wedding?

Well, only you can answer that one…

Since you know how “tall” you want to be in your dress, standing next to your groom and of course comfort-wise on the big day.

As far as what type of shoe is best for your wedding dance… well I can offer some ideas in that area!

First off, shoes that have a “back” are usually best for the dance.

If your shoe is open-backed you’ll find there is a slight noise of a “clunk” as you step each time which might be heard at least by you and your adoring groom as you dance, especially if your song is a soft one.  This extra “note” could throw off your groom who is trying very hard to stay with your music and feel awkward to you as well.

Second, shoes that are of moderate height for your size are usually best.

With shoes 3 1/2 inches or higher,  you’re going to be basically “dancing on your toes” and you’ll need to balance all that height that thrusts your body forward with your head weight, keeping your head well-arranged “back” on your spine.

Third, shoes that don’t cramp your feet or produce mind-boggling blisters and bruises.

If you put the shoes on and they are the “shoes of your wedding dreams” and they are killing you, what can you do?  Check out  shoe inserts to “stick” inside your shoes available at drugstores, PayLess, Nordstroms, beauty supply stores and on line at Foot Petals. You can “decorate” the inside of your shoe straps, the base of the shoe, the rounded space in the toe areas and anywhere in between.  “Walk” the shoes around lots on carpet and “dance” them about as well.

Don’t forget there’s always the option to have a couple of pair of wedding shoes!

I’ve had brides choose the perfect shoes for the ceremony (yes they’re high ones!) and then change into the perfect shoes for the reception (lower heels and good for dancing!).

Of course I can teach you how to dance the dance figures and technique in just about any shoes you bring in and yes, I’ve seen some interesting wedding shoes!

One of my brides sold reallllly high heels that could be used by pole dancers!  We kept the movement doable in her clear “glass” slippers and she looked fantastic in her “high rises on heels”.

Whatever dream wedding shoes you have you may want to wear them the very last dance lesson to get a feel for their height and movement in your dance.

Especially if you’re doing a swing or an energetic Latin or Country dance, the type of shoes you wear will make a difference in how you grip the floor and execute the figures and technique.

You can always email me a picture of your shoes and I can let you know what my experience has been working with them!  After all I’ve taught over six hundred ladies’ feet a year for over ten years and that’s a lot of wedding shoes!

Happy hunting for the perfect shoes – Cinderellas!

xxoo Jillian

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Wedding Shoes!

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