Beyond the Veil

Bridal Veil Lengths

The wedding veil and… the first dance!

Will you be dancing your first dance with your veil on?

If you answered yes, how long or short is it?

Does it reach to the floor?

Just a “finger tip”?

A “blusher”?

Whatever the veil is let me know about it when I’m learning about your special clothing and shoe issues you have for your first dance.

A long veil has the hidden “opportunity” of getting wound-up around the groom’s arms as he leads the bride in a twirl or cuddle… and we don’t want him to end up trapped in a web of white netting!

Shorter veils don’t get in the way as much however, there is still the chance that the groom may take his lovely bride into the dance frame and trap the veil underneath his right hand on her back.

This would not be optimal since he certainly doesn’t want to pull anything (read that hair and veil attachment combs or pins) that might endanger the bride’s carefully coiffured wedding day hair-do!

Here are a few dos and don’ts for first dances with veils:

  1. Do consider bringing a “practice veil” of the proper length to one of your dance lessons if you think your veil could be an important accessory for your groom to remember;
  2. Do consider removing your veil if your first dance is going to be a frisky swing or salsa (you can always put it right back on afterwards!);
  3. Don’t worry if you are really in love with your veil or it goes super perfectly with your amazing gown – we can always work out the logistics with your groom and you and the veil will be safe from embarrassing windups or hair disasters;
  4. Don’t forget to let me know how you’ll be dressed either before your first lesson, so your groom won’t hear about THE dress, or we can send your groom to get a drink of water and you can show me a picture on your phone and give me all the details.

Want to know more about all the different types of wedding veils?

Visit this informative web page at on “How To Choose A Perfect Veil”.

Happy almost Halloween & hope you get lots of treats!

xxoo Jillian

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