Rainy Days & Wedding Days


Ok, so you haven’t really even dared to think about it, but there it is staring you in the face!


The Weather Channel is calling for some “scattered showers” on your day of days!

Well, there’s no time like the present to think about that “possibility of rain” and plan for it.  Talk to your wedding planner about a “Rain Plan” and what your options may be for you and your groom and guests.

If your wedding is going to be outside look into some good old fashioned tents to keep everyone dry while your pictures turn out gorgeously!

It’s a known fact that photos taken in the rain are really fantastic but of course no one wants to catch a cold or be too uncomfortable.  Click here for a cute rainy day wedding article and adorable groom and best man pic walking in the wet stuff!

And there are always umbrellas and don’t forget they come in some pretty fashionable looks and colors these days.  All the way from white to clear and some bold black ones for the groomsmen and colors to match the bridesmaid’s dresses.  Click here for some info.  Click here for some adorable pics of “Wellies” for your wedding day.

Warm drinks and warm food can really help with the chill so discuss some “Rain Plan Refreshments” with your caterer.  After all, it could be fun to have a bit of a sprinkle and some hot apple cider and warm cookies on your special day.

Did you know that in many cultures rain on the wedding day is considered quite lucky?  The idea is a “wet knot” is harder to untie and since marriage is often referred to as “tying the knot” there you have it!

What about that dance?  Again, if you’re going to be outside you may want a “Plan B” for your dance since you’ll want to be safe in your high heels and not get your dress wet and dirty on the ground.  Luckily dancing stirs up the blood so at least you’ll be warm waltzing, foxtroting or whatevering with your dashing groom!

And finally remember… your wedding day will be absolutely fantastic simply because it is your wedding day!  And no little sprinkles from the sky can change that fact.

Happy Wedding Day even if it rains…

Jillian :)


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