Wintry Wedding Dances

November, December, January wedding?

What do you do with those wintry first dances?

Well, you can make them winter waltzes a la Dr. Zhivago and glide your way around the dance floor while there’s a chill snap in the air.

Or how about a smoldering Latin first dance to a romantic rumba or sassy swing dance to that kicky tune you just can’t get out of your head.  Get your blood going and the crowd on their feet dancing in a hurry!

Whatever your preference, remember winter is a great time to get out and dance.  Dance rehearsals are good exercise when you’re inside due to weather and of course they are great for honing those “working together” skills you’ll need all your married life together!

Learning a waltz can be fun and the grooms all tell me it’s “way easier” than Latin or swing any day!

Romantic twirls, walking round and round in each others arms and gliding around the dance floor as one can bring plenty of oohhhs and aahhhs from your adoring fans.

Dips and oversways seem tailor-made for a beautiful wedding gown and handsome mens wear so don’t be put off by the formality of a smooth and elegant waltz.

On the other hand, a romantic rumba might be just what a cold, clear night needs to steam up the atmosphere a bit and get your guests dreaming about past trips to Mexico and the Caribbean.

Honeymooning somewhere tropical?  Why not highlight it with your first dance and make everyone wish they were going too!

A rumba can be done on a small dance floor which sure helps with the smaller weddings everyone is having due to the recession.

You get a cozy, intimate feeling with your brand new spouse since the rumba frame and dance steps are smaller and done more “to each other”.

A swing is a real go-to dance if your personalities are kicky and fun and ready for anything.  Nothing says we love to dance together more than an airy and frolicking swing dance.

Imagine your guests surprise when instead of a tried and true wedding first dance song you run out on the floor to a swing and start spinning and switching places with great big smiles on your faces!

So whatever your preference, there is truly something for everyone.

Check out my Music page to see some songs my couples have used lately.

Email me with your song ideas and I can tell you what category of dance your song fits best into.

Hope all your wedding plans are “falling” right into place,

xxoo Jillian

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