VDay Fun

Looking for something usual for Valentine’s Day for that special someone?

Well, what about some dance lessons for fun or to get ready for that special event like your wedding?

Dancing together can be full of …



and kisses…

So treat yourself and a date to a lesson.

For just $60/hr/couple you can learn some cool moves to take with you out in the world or just keep to yourself and have an intimate dance night in with some yummy appetizers and maybe a warm toddy or two.

I’ve taught couples everything from the tango to the rumba to the swing and the salsa with even a little hip hop thrown in for good measure.

Some gentlemen have even pleaded with me to show them some cool “regular” moves so that they don’t look completely out of their element on the dance floor – even if it’s just a good step together, step together with some nice pec and shoulder work, it does make a difference!

Ladies have asked me to help them show off their body effectively while dancing so they look sexy and enticing for their gentlemen.  We’ve worked on booty and bust moves that keep everyone’s eyes on the gal and her great look!

So this Valentine’s Day don’t forget all the yummy stuff, all the sweet smelling stuff and especially don’t forget the mood music and how about a little dancing too?

Who knows, you just might have a dancing man or dancing lady lurking deep within you that you never knew about until now!

Happy VDay to All,

xxoo Jillian


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