Happy New Year 2014 Brides & Grooms

Happy 2014! 

It’s the new year and I bet all you 2014 brides and grooms are working hard getting your amazing weddings together!

Question: Are you nervous about your first dance?

Answer: There’s no time like now to book a couple of dance lessons to get comfortable leading and happy following!

Chanel and Niko "stalk" each other at the start of their tango wedding dance!

Chanel and Niko “stalk” each other at the start of their tango wedding dance!

Let’s face it – we don’t get the opportunity to dance like this these days very often!

So why not make it special and make it fun?

And who couldn’t handle a little TLC from a dance instructor who knows how to get you going on the dance floor fast?

That would be me 😉

Chanel and Niko, pictured left, decided to do a “crash course” in the tango at the end of last year for an amazing first dance.  They learned sooo much in just a few lessons!!!

Here you can see the fun beginning of their dance where they stalk each other and then end up in a dip as he “kisses” a rose from her lips.  Click here to learn more.


Email me today and take advantage of my Introductory 2014 Dance Lesson Special.

It won’t be around all year…

Just $130 for two fifty-five minute lessons for the couple.

This is a great deal to learn some amazingly simple but “who knew” lead and follow techniques so you could even “just make it up” on the dance floor and everyone would think you both had been dancing together for years.


Of course if you would like a fun little routine I can teach you some steps to keep you twirling and moving around your dance floor that will make you both the envy of all your friends and family.

Contact me today by email at Jillian@OurWeddingDance.com or text me at 949.400.7347.

I have had just about every first dance you can think of… but please try to surprise me!  I’m a theatrical director as well and really if you can imagine it we can make it happen.

Happy New Year and Happy 2014 Weddings to all you lucky couples out there!

xxoo Jillian


Happy 2014

Happy New Year!

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