April Is Here Already!

Is it April already?

Seems like it was just New Year’s Day and I was cleaning up my party hats and streamers to put them away for next year!

Where did the time go?

If you’re like me, time has a way of rushing right along, especially when I’m not looking.

So don’t let time get the better of you when it comes to that first dance.  :)

Right now, I’ve got lots of new couples who are working on the dance of their dreams.

… foxtrotters,

… rumba-ers (are these words??),

… waltzers and

… Country Westerners…

We’re having sooo much fun coming up with some great moves a la DWTS videos and YouTubes to wow the guests and give everyone some great memories to hold the bride and groom to for years to come, haha.

Hot songs right now…

 * Anything 70s

 * Anything by The Beatles

 * Instrumentals

 * TV love themes

 * Classic favorites from the 50s

Jennifer & Brandon

Jennifer & Brandon


Really, if you love it and your dancing partner loves it, it’s a GO!  Don’t be afraid to mix two songs together if you really can’t decide.

Happy wedding planning and don’t forget to check out my SPRING FLING SPECIAL.

Great for bride and groom first dance

and/or father/daughter dance and mom/son dance.


Hugs to all you busy brides and grooms and families too!

Jillian, OurWeddingDance.com

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