Winter Wedding First Dances

It feels like endless Summer, but it won’t last forever!

Why not schedule a couple of dance lessons for your Winter wedding now

before you get super busy with last minute details?

What could be more fun than doing something together as thoughts turn to leaves falling from the trees and what to wear to that Halloween Party your best friend insists on throwing every year?

Come learn the art of leading or following so you can just get out and dance on your big day.

Learn some fun steps in a particular order or Not!

Whatever you’re thinking of – to make your dance feel just “you” I would be happy to help you put together.

Lately, some of my couples are emailing me saying,

“Just help us not to feel awkward and silly.  We don’t really want a choreographed routine.”

No worries!

With some simple leading and following skills and steps that show off the bride’s dress, you can keep the dance looking fun and “not canned”.

Or couples text me with,

“Hey, let’s do something neat that we can remember.  Give us an order so we don’t have to think!”

Sometimes having a plan makes everything feel that much easier on your Wedding Day.

I can come up with a pretty beginning, middle and end that you can practice, practice, practice and then basically kick back and sail right through when you hear your song start to play.

After all who wants to be discussing dance steps while doing their First Dance?

Wouldn’t it be more fun to be thinking about each other as you gaze into the eyes of your new husband or wife?

Or worse yet, looking “deer in the headlights” as you both try to fake it through the 3-5 minutes of your romantic song.

I can help you get some understanding of how dancing works as a connected couple  – quickly and easily and inexpensively!

Let me know what you’re looking for with an email at or text at 949.400.7347 today.

My SPECIAL is $130 for a couple for 2 fifty-five minute lessons on Sunday afternoons.

Happy Fall to y’all, Jillian

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