What’s the most important part of a wedding first dance?


It could be the walk on…

You’re catching everyone’s eye with the very beginning and whether you strut onto the floor or just walk casually hand in hand – all eyes are on you.


sanddollarMaybe the first twirl…

Who doesn’t love to see the bride’s dress go out in a perfect twirl that makes her look like Cinderella at her very own ball.


sanddollarMoving across the dance floor as one…

The special song rises and surges and suddenly they’re moving as one and every girl in the room nudges her +1 with a knowing look.


sanddollarA trick – like a lean, lift or carry…

There is nothing like a collective Ohhh or Ahhh from the guests to get the hearts racing.


sanddollarFinally, it could be the dip…

Slowly and purposefully the groom dips his beautiful bride and brings her lips to his for a romantic kiss.


sanddollarI say it could be any or all of those fantastic moments yet…

At the end of the day the most important part of a wedding first dance is YOU!


If your guests want to see entrances, exits, dips and tricks – let’s face it there are plenty of TV shows available!

But to see the two people you have so much history with, dance together exchanging knowing looks and eyes full of memories in the making is priceless and beyond compare.

It’s good to know how to dance together so you can get beyond all of the lead and follow, dance technique and footwork to just “BE” with each other on the dance floor on your BIG DAY.



Let me help you learn to work together as a couple with steps and choreography that are romantic and fun but not too much to do in your gorgeous wedding clothes.

Hugs to all of you at this exciting time, Jillian


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