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It’s April and it looks like April showers will bring May flowers.  What better time to think about your first dance coming up this Summer than when it’s El Nino and we’re indoors anyway?

* Are you stumped for a first dance song? *

Many of my students bring several songs they are considering to our first rehearsal to see what works dancing and feelings wise for both of them.

I can put steps and choreography together for just about anything.

Once I had a first dance song that was a recording of the bride’s gorgeous voice singing their song for them to dance to on their fabulous day.

* Length of song is a consideration. *

Some songs run around 4 to 5 minutes which many of my couples find too long for their guests to be watching them.

Remember you’re in charge of how long you want to dance and a knowing look to the DJ and your ending dip can signal a fade out of your music.

Another time I had a couple who wanted a tango with some acting moves at the top of the dance.  The groom sat in a chair reading a newspaper upside down as their song began and the bride was tasked with trying to get his attention! 😉

* Look at a printed version of all the lyrics and verses for your special song.*

It’s not fun to get any weird surprises the day of as you suddenly hear the artist crooning about lost loves, fights or anything else that doesn’t quite go for the day of your dreams with the partner of your heart.

Sometimes a favorite song will have a somber verse embedded toward the end of it and you have to decide if it’s a game changer.

One of my father daughter couples really liked a certain song that didn’t quite match their circumstances so dad actually had his recording mixed with a muted instrumental during a small part of it so no one would be the wiser and they could still use the song.

Whatever song says you is the perfect song.  You will look back on this amazing event for years and years so I believe it’s important that you both really like the song and want to learn to dance to it.

*Below are some songs that I have worked with recently.*

“Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?” Bryan Adams

“Take Me To Church” Hozier

“Writing’s On The Wall” Sam Smith

“I Don’t Dance” Lee Brice

“Thinking Out Loud” Ed Sheeran

“One Last Night” Vaults

“Shut Up And Dance” Walk The Moon

Happy Song Hunting!

Hugs, Jillian

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Here I am in my new "Lilly"!

Here I am in my new “Lilly”!

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