To Choreograph Or Not…

To choreograph or not to choreograph your wedding dance…


That is the question!

I get asked about this constantly by my wedding couples and there are positives and negatives to both approaches.  Let’s take a look.


The Choreographed First Dance


1) It’s great to know your dance order, especially for the follower!

2) You will get in ALL those cool steps and picture poses you learned.


1) What if you mess up and now you’re out of order and now… you’re in trouble!

2) It can look a little “canned”.


The Non-Choreographed First Dance


1) You know how to dance as opposed to just knowing one routine!

2) It’s all based on “lead and follow” so the leader always looks good.


1) “Deer in the headlights” potential!

2) Need to be well-versed in the “never let them see you sweat” rule.


You can see that there are many considerations and it depends on what you both decide would work best for you and your wedding.

For example, if you’re having over 300 people, like one of my recent couples, you may want to opt for the choreographed routine because, well, that’s a lot of people watching you!

If you’re having an intimate reception in an outdoor setting, you might prefer the non-choreographed dance to keep things casual and just flowing.

Maybe you both are into control!! and leaving the dance up to lead and follow and a group of steps sounds out of your comfort zone.

Or perhaps you both are easy going and a choreographed dance would be waaaay out of character for people to watch who know you both well.

Whatever your decision, or if you want to wait to make a decision during your lessons, I will help you put together the wedding dance of your dreams to your lovely song!

Contact me a couple of months before your big day to schedule some private dance lessons… farther out if you’ve got something wild and crazy up your sleeve!

Best with all the planning!

xxoo Jillian

Happy 4th of July!

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