2 Songs – 1 Dance!

Over the years I’ve had a lot of requests for a wedding dance that starts out with one song and ends with another.

Sometimes the first song is faster and more upbeat and the second is slower with romantic undertones. Other times the first song is slow and dreamy and the second song really lets the couple break loose!


How does it work?  Is it too hard?  Will it look ok?

How it works:

I teach simple “doable in the dress” steps for the two dances that utilize common technique points for turns and movement to keep things flowing seamlessly from the first to the second dance.

DJs are great at fading a first song down and bringing up the second or you can always do the tried and true “scratchy record sound” to transition with some acting stuff for laughs.


Most of my couples have used half of the first song and half of the second song.  There is usually a good place to fade out during an instrumental area or repetitive refrain.  The whole dance should run about three to four minutes.

Three to four dance moves, particular to each type of song, still give each dance their own flavor but don’t feel overwhelming to master.

Transitioning can be fun with a cute move right before the new dance that showcases the lyrics or provides a picture pose.

Most of my couples still want that famous dip for the end – but it can done fast or slowly, depending on which song is first or second.

Looking Good:

If the couple really likes two songs, rather than just one, and wants the flavor of two types of dances seamed together for their first dance, this can be an ideal solution.  Two songs – one dance is a great way to showcase your individualism and do something a bit different.  Ultimately if my couples look happy dancing together –  it’s a win!

One two dance medley I had was super crazy: the bride and groom started out with a traditional foxtrot and then halfway through she grabbed a chair, sat her groom down, someone placed a fez on his head, she donned a cute coin skirt over her wedding dress and it all finished with a rousing belly dance display (pg rated, of course) for her adoring groom and crazy applauding guests!

Soon Fall will be in the air so let me know if you have any questions about songs, dances and lessons.

Jillian :-)

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