2 Dances for 1 Person

What happens when you need to learn two dances for your big day?

This is not as unusual as it may sound!

I have had many brides come in to learn a wedding dance with their groom and a father daughter dance with dad.

Or a dad would come in to learn a father daughter dance and a special dance with his wife or significant other for a “parent’s dance”.

Grooms have had to learn the wedding dance and a mom son dance.

One bride learned two father daughter dances to dance a different dance with each of her dads.

And that’s just for weddings!

Last month I got a dad learning a Sweet 16 dance with his daughter and a birthday dance with his wife celebrating her milestone birthday at the same event.  Click here to see their pretty pictures and read their lovely testimonial.


So how can two dances be learned by one person for a big event and not leave that one person’s head spinning with steps, choreography and songs?

There are a few ways to go about the two dances, one person lessons.

Overlap OK:

First, I inquire if the person in question wants some overlap of figures and choreography between the two dances or if two entirely different dances and steps are needed.

If overlap is ok I incorporate some similar moves for both dances and make sure that the two dances complement each other.

Entirely Different:

If two entirely different dances are needed I inquire about the number of lessons the person is able to take to learn the dances.

Just a few lessons? Then I definitely keep it simple, limiting each dance to two or three unique moves and two different beginnings and endings.

If the person can take more than a few lessons we can do more moves, unique picture poses and “get across the floor” steps.

No matter what your preference for your two dances I make it fun and make it easy to remember for you!

At the end of each lesson, I video all the steps and sequence of choreography on your phone so you can work with it at home.

Happy dancing and contact me for those Fall and Holiday weddings coming up fast, Jillian

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