2017 Dances!

Getting married in 2017?

It’s a new year and it’s time for new beginnings and the dances to go with them!

Now is the perfect time to reserve your dance lessons for your wedding dance and to start thinking about your song and the type of dance you would like to do.

I’ve had all kinds of songs and all kinds of dances so whatever you think says “us” is a great place to start.

My couples have used oldies but goodies, popular tunes, indie ballads, Country western ditties, movie soundtracks and original music.  The only requirement I have is that you both like the song or songs you choose and want to dance to them!

Many of my couples have danced a foxtrot for their first dance which is always a crowd-pleaser with its beautiful frame, frolicsome tempo and easy-going steps and twirls.

Your song will give me ideas about your dance so if you’re wondering what type of dance it could be just text me your song!

Others have opted for a waltz, rumba, tango or swing, all of which can be equally fun to dance and watch.  Depending on your attire and the time you have to put into your dance,  anything is possible.

The size of floor you’re working with can also be a factor for your dance.

Is your dance floor smallish (on a yacht) or quite roomy (hotel ballroom)?  Is it long and skinny like a runway or will you be moving tables and chairs to create a big square?

It looks and feels good to use a large space and travel with the wedding dance steps. Conversely, it works well if the space is small to keep the wedding dance intimate and romantic.

Which brings us to the wedding dress which can be another factor in your dance! 

If you can’t move backwards due to a long train or drooping bustle, this is good to know.  I can match steps to the movement you’re able to do in your gown so that gorgeous dress stays gorgeous!

Let me know if you have any questions about your wedding dance.  I would love to talk with you about the details and get you dancing together right away.

I recommend two months or so lead time to get the dance into your muscle memory before The Big Day.  You can reserve your lessons by paying and filling out my reservation form on my Pricing page.

Happy 2017 wedding planning!


Email: Jillian@OurWeddingDance.com



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