Spring Into Dance

March 1st! 

Time to think about that wedding dance if your wedding is in the Spring or Summer.

Do you have a song?

Your song is your special expression of your feelings for each other.

If you like two songs don’t be afraid to come in with them both and we can dance to each of them to see which you prefer.

Maybe you’ll even decide to use them both; a bit of one to start and finish with the other.

How big is your floor?

If your floor is under 10×10 you can keep your steps small, intimate and romantic, not traveling in the dance too much.

If your floor is over 14×14 or a long runway rectangle you can use traveling steps for maximum dancing appeal, pausing at the corners to do twirls and figures.

How do you think your dress will dance?

A bustled dress is easier to dance in than one that you have to loop the train over your arm to dance.  I’ve choreographed dances with the looped material and it definitely can happen but we do have to be careful with underarm turns not to get dress in the face!

Poofy dresses look beautiful in all kinds of turns.  Mermaid dresses look sexy undulating in romantic rhythms. Strapless dresses need to be secured for dancing especially if you’re planning an invigorating song mash-up or swing dance.

Dancing shoes vs wedding shoes

A lot of my brides are opting for two pair of shoes.  One to look absolutely stunning in for the ceremony and pictures, the other to dance and have fun in at the reception.

If you wear high heels all the time you prolly won’t worry too much about your heels on the big day.  But if you’re a tennis shoe or flats gal you might want to wear more comfortable shoes during your reception.

Just keep in mind that your dress will be bustled to a certain shoe height so if your two pair of shoes are dramatically different you’ll want to make arrangements with your alterations team.

Get Started!

Please contact me if you have any more questions or just want to brainstorm ideas about your wedding dance.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Hugs, Jillian


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