Wedding Dance Types

What type of dance works best for a wedding dance?

This is a good question and I get it a lot!

The answer can depend on a number of things:

1) Will you be wearing your wedding dress or a second dress for your wedding dance?

Many brides are opting to change out of their long formal gowns into short flirty dresses.  Some brides are changing their white A-line gowns for slinky long gowns in a vibrant color.  If you know you’ll be wearing something else to dance your wedding dance in please let me know.  This can make a big difference in choreography and even song choice!

  • Dances for short flirty reception dresses:
  • Swings, Rumbas, Foxtrots
  • Dances for slinky long reception dresses:
  • Argentine Tangos, Rumbas
  • Dances for A-line wedding gowns:
  • Foxtrots, Waltzes, Viennese Waltzes, Some Rumbas

2) How big is your floor?

If you’re getting married on a yacht that has a modest dance floor with a staircase coming through the center of it your dance choreography will be close and romantic.  If your reception will be in a large ballroom with over 150 guests you’ll most likely have a large floor to travel around on during your wedding dance.

  • Dances for small reception areas:
  • Rumbas, Swings, Some Argentine Tangos
  • Dances for large reception areas:
  • Foxtrots, Waltzes, Viennese Waltzes

3) What kind of people are you?

I’ve had couples that love to jump into the lime light at the least provocation and we made their dance a fun spectacle that their guests twittered about for days.  I’ve also had couples that thought of the wedding dance as 3-4 minutes of eternity alone on the dance floor and we made their dance something for just the two of them that their guests just “got to watch”.

Just about any type of dance can be tailored to reach out to the audience or keep it intimate and personal, depending on whether the couple stays in closed dance position looking into each other’s eyes the whole time or plays to their audience through open work, shadow positions or side by side choreography.

If one person is shyer than the other we can always highlight the more outgoing one and keep the other one cozy with less interaction with the audience and more with their spouse.

I’ve gathered these tricks of wedding dances over the years working with hundreds of couples, their relationships, wedding attire and venues but remember if you have your heart set on wearing that slinky red dress and dancing a Viennese Waltz in a small space – we’ll make it happen!

Happy Spring and warmer days!


Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!


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