Dance With Your Dad!

Father Daughter dances are super hot right now.

What could be more fun than to learn a dance to do with your Dad at your wedding reception – the first great guy in your life on such a great day of your life!

  • What type of dance works for a Father Daughter dance?
  • Will I be able to dance with my Dad in THE dress without him stepping on it?
  • What songs work for our different generations?
  • Will my Dad go nuts and start doing that chicken flap thing he likes so much?

These are just a few of the questions that I get on a regular basis about the Father Daughter Dance.

First off I just want to say I think it’s fantastic when I get a Father Daughter dance couple.  We have so much fun learning the ins and outs of lead and follow, exciting twirls and picture poses to the song.

Plus Dad gets a little “Me and My Girl” time with his lovely daughter during the preparation months when everything can be a bit hectic.

Mom often comes along to watch the lessons and record some of the precious moments and crazy laughter on her phone for posterity.

(I like to get Mom out at the end of the last lesson and let her cut-a-rug with Dad and test out his new found leading techniques!)

What type of dance?

Usually Dads tend to like foxtrots or swings or a combo of foxtrot frame and feet movement with swing arms and turns.

Most of the hundreds of Dads I’ve worked with prefer a “flight plan” rather than just winging it on the big day.

We usually put together a beginning, three to five figures including stationary and traveling steps, and an end – not too romantic – but fun with often a hug or cheek kiss.

Can it be done in the dress?


There’s a good chance Dad can stay off the dress as long as the dancing couple sticks to their lead and follow techniques, the steps they learn and their flight plan.

Of course, nothing is completely fool proof but let’s just say Dad has a better shot at it after taking a few dance lessons!

What song?

One choice would be a song that is a tried and true favorite.  That way everyone from 18 to 80 knows the tune and can identify with the feelings.

Another good choice: a song that Dad and Daughter shared as she grew up.  This Father Daughter dance song brings special meaning to the dance and the guests get a cool glimpse into their relationship.

Whatever song you choose I recommend a slowish song, not necessarily really slow, but definitely one that isn’t super fast so Dad doesn’t have to dance like a buzzing bumble bee.  A good beat also helps keep the dance on time!

Dad Moves

Dad may break into that certain “Dad Move” you know and sort of love but after a few lessons he will definitely have more options.

Equipped with a Father Daughter dance flight plan, Dad might just hold off on his Dad Move for celebrating later on the dance floor.

Often Dad Moves end up being incorporated into Father Daughter dances simply because none of the guests would believe Dad was actually dancing if his famous exits and mouse holes or chicken flapping didn’t make it into the choreography!

Whatever Father Daughter dance you decide on you can text or email me about your song choice and dance needs and we can brainstorm.

I’ve got private lesson specials that is perfect for Father Daughter dances.  All you need is your song, flat shoes and of course – your Dad!

Click here to reserve your lessons now!

Happy Wedding Planning ~

xxoo Jillian

Father Daughter Dance

Father Daughter Dance

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