Wedding Dance Parts

What’s in a wedding dance?

A Beginning

Will you be walking onto the floor to start or will you have just been announced and already be in the middle of the floor?

Depending on the answer to this question, you’ll want to learn how to walk onto the floor and do a step to start or you’ll need an attention grabbing “first move” to let your guests know you’re starting your dance.

Go To Stationary Step

Whether you’re doing the box step, a sway or a series of turns it’s a great idea to have a step that’s relatively easy to fall back on at any time.

A lot of my couples are opting to learn how to dance with each other rather than memorizing a choreographed wedding dance routine and this helps create some shorthand.

Get Across The Floor Move

Your floor may be large or small but it is fun to move on it and not just do the whole dance in one spot.

Often my couples with a large floor can cover some serious distance with some simple walks and turns.

If the floor is small there are some nice rumba moves that can be adapted to still move you but keep your dancing contained.

Didn’t Know They Could Do That  Figure

This is the one where it looks like it’s harder than it is. đŸ˜‰

I can show you some beginner eye-catching figures, that with a little practice make the middle of your dance memorable.


Most everyone opts for a dip for their ending, but how you get into that dip is up for interpretation.

The end of a wedding dance is often about romance and of course the bride and groom kiss – so making the ending work well for everyone is a big part of our lessons.

Let me know if you have any ideas for your dance too, since working together as a team makes the dance even better.

You’ll want to wear flats and bring access to your song on your phone, plenty of water with Summer coming and of course – your dance partner!

Happy Wedding Planning,

Jillian <3

Let's Wedding Dance!

Let’s Wedding Dance!

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