Muscle Memory & Your Wedding Dance

Muscle Memory!

What is it?

Wikipedia explains muscle memory as, “a form of procedural memory involving consolidating a specific motor task in memory through repetition.

When a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created for that task, eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort.

This process decreases the need for attention and creates maximum efficiency within the motor and memory systems.

Examples of muscle memory are found in everyday activities that become automatic and improve with practice like riding a bicycle, typing on a keyboard, playing a musical instrument or even dancing.”

Great news!

But how can it help with the wedding dance?

The bottom line is this: by coming in a month or so before your wedding day, taking some lessons and then practicing what you learned for short five to ten minute periods between lessons and a few days right before THE big day, you can get your dance in your muscle memory.

Why is this important?

Peace of mind and less “deer in the headlights” are two very good reasons.

We’ve all seen that adorable couple dancing their wedding dance looking uncomfortable on the dance floor.

Many of my couples mention this familiar scene when they first come in for dance lessons.

It seems most couples don’t want to give the impression they took dance lessons yet they do want to go out there and dance looking relaxed and smiling!

Wedding Dance Wonder Cookies!

Sorry, not yet 😉

I wish I could give everyone an Alice in Wonderland cookie to eat that automatically got their dance in them, but muscle memory is the next best thing.

During your lessons we work on technique for lead and follow, movement around the floor, turns and pretty picture poses and a beginning and dip for the end.

I like to use my couple’s phones to video what we did at the end of each lesson so they can have something to look at when practicing.

Eventually, they have their whole dance available so they can see the moves and how they work with their song.

Next step!

Ball’s in your court :))

Just spending a few minutes practicing every couple of days between lessons and of course a few days before the wedding will help get the dancing in your muscle memory.

Don’t be afraid to practice by yourself, too.  A lot of my couples aren’t around each other as often as they might like, so take that chance to get yourself ready and review your moves and technique from the video.

Some of my couples even sneak in a practice on their actual reception floor when they are there in advance of their wedding day for other purposes.

Every little bit helps and makes you more and more familiar with the dance and less nervous to actually do it in front of other people!

Ready to do this!

Contact me with your available dates and song choices

Let me know what song or songs you’re considering and your schedule and we can start to get the dancing in your muscle memory.

You can reach me by phone or text at 619.871.0241 or email me at

Visit my Pricing Page to reserve the lessons that are best for your busy schedule now.

Happy Wedding Planning!!

Hugs, Jillian

Daisy and Zelda in holiday hats!

Daisy and Zelda in their 4th of July holiday hats!

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