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Great new testimonial just found on FaceBook!

I can’t tell you how excited I get when I happen to come across a testimonial that I didn’t even know existed.

It happened just the other week…

I was crawling the web and there it was on the Avant Garde Ballroom FaceBook.

I’ve been at Avant Garde Ballroom since 1998 when I was referred there by one of my actor friends. The new studio, where it’s been for about two years now by The District, is spacious and the floating dance floors are divine for my knees!

Here’s what I found,

“Jillian is wonderfully patient and helps beyond (the dance).”

– Ron S.

I remember Ron and his quest to learn the Viennese Waltz in time for, you guessed it!, a Viennese Waltz Ball held in Vienna.

We had an outstanding time learning the basics of the waltz and we learned some “beyond”.

What does that mean?

I knew Ron would need to know a number of things in addition to the dance since he was going to be out on the floor with a lot of people, needing to dress appropriately, and learn the basics of entering and exiting to and from the floor.

Ron even brought in his fabulous date for the ball who was already a professional dancer and he rehearsed with her, too.

Here’s a YouTube link to some great shots of the beautiful venue and images from their ball.


The “beyond” of your dance can be just as important as the dance itself, IMO.

How you conduct yourself in your elegant attire, meet and greet, enter and exit the dance floor and dance on a busy dance floor later are all great skills to know.

I like to cover these skills as well as my usual ones like: posture, lead and follow, frame, turns, stationary and moving dance steps, choreography and musicality.

It’s fun to know how to “carry off” your look completely from start to finish at your wedding or special event.

You can email me at and let me know your date and particulars like song, dance type and dancers.

I would love to help you with your wedding dance or dances or special event.

Happy end of Summer and good luck with all the planning,

Jillian :)

My piggies, Zelda & Daisy

My piggies, Zelda & Daisy

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