Wedding Dance Basics

Over the years and years I’ve taught wedding couples, I’ve been asked a lot about the basics of dancing together as a couple.

Sure, everyone wants to wow their guests with exciting picture moves, dips and maybe even some leans or lifts.

But how can a couple, who hasn’t danced together much like this, carry off those YouTube moments?

I believe it’s all about basics.

*** If the gentleman can learn how to lead and the lady how to follow – this is a game changer.

*** If the gentleman’s lead is clear and the lady understands his direction and weight choices – she’s more on board.

*** If the lady really takes the lead and goes willingly into the next step – he’s excited to dance.

Ultimately, the dancing couple needs to understand their transitions from move to move so they can work together to make their dance look effortless.

My couples tell me it’s all about having fun and feeling in the moment.  If the basics can help them do that then they give it two thumbs up!

Spend a couple of hours with me a month or so before your big day and you’ll notice the difference on your dance floor.

You can use what you learn later – dancing on your honeymoon or at that friend’s wedding coming up right after yours!

Happy almost Halloween, Jillian


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!



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